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Knightcastle Permanent Registered Kennel
Breeding black Flat-Coated Retrievers since 2005

Since 2005, Knightcastle Permanent Registered Kennel is committed to breed high quality multi-purpose black flat-coated retriever for obedience, hunting, show, agility and of course for family and companion dogs. We also have 'therapy' dogs and 'search and rescue' dogs. With three generations, you can find our dogs all across Canada, USA and Bermuda (British oversea territory).


About Knightcastle and me

Back in 1988, I was searching for the perfect companion dog and I fell in love with the breed in a book called 'Les chiens du monde'. In those days, without internet, finding a flat-coated retriever breeder in Canada was hard and that's how Octave, a golden retriever, came into my life. He stayed with me for more than fourteen years. In 2001 I finally got Darwin, my first flat-coated retriever. What I did not know at the time is that he was going to change my life forever. From a simple house dog he was supposed to be, he became a fantastic obedience and field dog, putting titles over titles, in Canada and USA. In 2003 when Octave left this Earth to the rainbow bridge, a sweet little girl named Nova entered my life. Nova spent eleven years with me, she accomplished the same titles than Darwin and even more, allowing me to found Knightcastle in 2005 with her first litter; the David Bowie litter. She passed away in August 2014, leaving behind her a humongous legacy all accross North America.

My current dogs are Céleste, Baxter, Holly, Forrest and a new one, miss Blanche! They are very active dogs and are in excellent health. I am not pushing them with over-training and retire them at a young age from competition. My dogs are part of my life and are living in the house with me, no kennel. I train and handle my dogs myself for the obedience, for the show ring and also for field events. All my dogs made their Championships in the 'Bred by exhibitor' class, handling them myself. I am also a CKC carrying judge for hunt tests and working certificates for retrievers.

In December 2015, the Canadian Kennel Club recognized Knightcastle's hard work and commitment to the breed by granting me the status of 'Permanent Registration of a Kennel Name'.

About the Flat-coated retriever

The Flat-Coated Retriever was developed in England in the mid-1800's. It's a very popular hunting dog in Europe, but almost unknown here in North America. It has maintained its reputation as dual-purpose retriever over the years. The flat-coated retriever is the perfect dog to have outside or in the house, playing with you or with children. It is a devoted family companion, a versatile working dog, outgoing and it won't let you down.


Commitment to the breed and upcoming litters

Each litter is carefully planned considering the quality, health clearances (OFA), the pedigree and the accomplishments of both the Sire and the Dam. Knightcastle is breeding high quality flat-coated retrievers for temperament, type and soundness, with good working abilities and outgoing personalities. The flat-coated retriever is still considered a 'multi-purpose' dog and Knightcastle is always keeping that in mind. I don't breed for one specific goal or purpose. Knightcastle has a litter on the ground only from time to time, mainly to fulfill its own requirement, not to accommodate the demands. Knightcastle is breeding for black flat-coated retriever only.


Part of Knightcastle's third generation, this upcoming litter involves Can GCh/Am Ch Brightmoor Snow Patrol (Whistler) AND Can Ch Knightcastle Graceful Hopper (Hopper). It's planned for the end of summer 2016.

Quick news
from Knightcastle
Last updates: April 30, 2016

  • Congratulations to Kathy Petroni and Storm (MACH Knightcastle Isaac's Storm MX MXJ OF BN) who completed her MACH title on April 23 2016! Well done!

  • Knightcastle lost a member of its family on April 9. Sweet Raven (Knightcastle Little Wonder RN CGN) passed away. She was the girl with the red collar on our first litter, the David Bowie one, back in 2005. My condolences to her owner and friend Brenda.

  • On Monday April 4th, I brought my precious Céleste to the vet, having in mind it was her last day on Earth. She's is back home, alive and kicking!

  • Knightcastle is proud to present its new family member: Blanche (Knightcastle Seven Of Nine), daughter of CH Knightcastle Forrest Gump CD JH WC CGN and CH Knightcastle Jump Holly Grail CD RB JH WC CGN

  • Knightcastle has a new American Champion: Tucker ( Am CH Knightcastle Friar Tuck CGC ). Congratulations to owner Donna Post. Tucker is from the 'Robin Hood' litter of 2013 (Holly/Forrest)

  • On January 8 2016, Holly gave birth to 8 wonderful puppies. This is the 'Star Trek' litter.

  • Storm (Knightcastle Isaac's Storm) finished as the "fastest" Flat-Coated Retriever in the 24 inch class for 2015!

  • Congratulations to JoAnn Schurmann and Emmett (Knightcastle Dr Emmett Brown RN) who earned his AKC Rally Novice title in Florida.

  • Congratulations to Elizabeth Nielsen and Skye (Knightcastle Skye of the Isles PCD RN CRNT) who earned her CARO Rally Novice Team title.

  • Modi ( Am CH Knightcastle Modi D'Avignon MH RN WCX CGC ) was the ONLY flat-coated retriever to qualify at the Master National in SC. Congratulations to Philip Dewey!

  • Knightcastle has its first Bermuda Champion and first Best in Show winner! Congratulations to Geralyn Counsell and Bermuda CH BIS Knightcastle Bermuda Triangle!