At 9 am on November 16 2005, a sweet little girl was born out of my Nova and gorgeous Bowie. She really wanted to come out of her mother as fast as possible, Nova just had the time to remove herself, with a little help, from the couch she was on. It was the first time for Nova and I but we worked it out in a great way. I put on her a little yellow collar. This wonderful little puppy became my Céleste. Since, I always put a yellow collar on the first puppy girl on each litter, making it a tradition for Knightcastle.

Céleste, AKA Cécé, Tit-pou, Tit-cul, Miss Personality, Célestilitipou among with her brother Baxter, became a class clown but also a fantastic obedience dog, becoming my third UD flatcoat. She also gave birth to awesome dogs, the list is long to mention all of them but a special hello to superstar Raven, now in the Hall of fame, Balin, Jester who did wonders with the late Jack McKissock, Storm, Parker, a super hunting dog, Kia and Hopper, who will continue my bloodline. But also supermom Holly and my sweet little Forrest, who might be a father in Europe next fall and spreading his mother’s genes in the Old Continent.

Céleste, you’re the sweetest thing and the most beautiful flatcoat I’ve ever seen, a great poking machine, a fantastic barking dog, a class clown but mainly, my ‘template’ for Knightcastle, trying hard to get a second Céleste, knowing it’s impossible, each dogs being different.

Va rejoinder ta maman Nova et oncle Darwin, je t’aime tellement ma belle. Run free Cécé …

R.I.P. Céleste

( Canadian CH & OTCh Knightcastle Spyders From Moun RN, JH, WC, CGN -2 UDX legs- /American RN ).
November 16 2005 – June 21 2016